Proud Girlfriend Moment

He probably loves that I am writing about this but this past weekend Justin graduated from ROTC Advanced Camp. He was in Fort Knox, Kentucky for about 30 days. Of those 30 days they spent close to three weeks out in the field. After living off MRE's, sleeping with the critters, going through obstacle courses... Continue Reading →


Portland Tour Guide

After graduation I was able to go home to Portland for a few days with three of my friends. It was fun to do things that I normally do not do when I go home. There is so much to do there that we had to pick and choose the top activities. On the long... Continue Reading →

Graduate of Carroll College

With a crazy end to the semester and the opportunity to take time to visit Portland, I am just now getting around to posting about graduation! I graduated on May 13th from Carroll College in Helena, Montana. My family and friends surrounded me on this special day to help celebrate reaching this milestone in life.... Continue Reading →

Spicy California Shrimp Stack

It has been awhile since I have posted but I finally tried out a new dinner tonight (found online). I have been wanting to make this for a very long time now and decided today was the day! I will start out by saying this was the easiest dinner I have ever made. The part... Continue Reading →

Creamy Mushroom Gnocchi

I have been wanting to make gnocchi for awhile now but I haven't had the chance until last night! It was a lot more work than I originally thought. Luckily there were three of us making it together so we could do it faster. We made the gnocchi from scratch which was just boiling  four... Continue Reading →

Year of Traveling

One year, ten states! Looking back on the past year it has been crazy how lucky I was to be able to travel to so many places. While some may not be as exciting as others, they still count! To start out, last spring break was able to go visit my best friend in New York. Kelsey... Continue Reading →

First Half Marathon

Here we go! This is my first real post so bare with me. Yesterday, I ran my first half marathon with a couple of friends (Jess and Brigid). It was the Snow Joke Half Marathon around Seeley Lake, Montana. I heard about it from Jess a few weeks ago and made my mind right then... Continue Reading →

About Me

Hello, my name is Megan and I am a Senior at Carroll College in Helena, Montana. I am originally from Portland, Oregon but have made my journey to Montana for school. I am a communications and public relations major with a minor in social media and concentration in marketing. For my social media class a couple... Continue Reading →

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