Creamy Mushroom Gnocchi

I have been wanting to make gnocchi for awhile now but I haven’t had the chance until last night! It was a lot more work than I originally thought. Luckily there were three of us making it together so we could do it faster.

We made the gnocchi from scratch which was just boiling  four potatoes, mashing it up, then adding an egg and 1.5 cups of flour. You then roll it out in small strips and cut them into little pieces. To make them pretty you could roll them on a fork to put lines in them but we did not do that. You then boil the gnocchi until they float in the water and remove them.

Once we made the gnocchi, we cooked some mushrooms and garlic. Then removed those and added chicken broth, heavy cream, and flour. You let that thicken a little and then add the gnocchi, mushrooms and garlic. At the very end, you add the parmesan.

While it looked nothing like the pictures, it tasted really good! When I make it again I am going to fry the gnocchi to make it more crispy and less mushy. I am also going to try adding more vegetables than just mushrooms.

I would definitely recommend making it! It’s not that hard it just takes more time than expected.

Good Luck!


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