Portland Tour Guide

After graduation I was able to go home to Portland for a few days with three of my friends. It was fun to do things that I normally do not do when I go home. There is so much to do there that we had to pick and choose the top activities. On the long drive down from Helena we made a schedule of events. This was completely my idea because I am too organized not to do it. I also wanted to make sure that they had a good time!

The first stop and most important stop was the Nike Company Store. Thankfully, my wonderful mother was able to get each of them a pass to get into the store. It is a very overwhelming experience because you honestly want to buy everything! After getting all new athletic wardrobes, I showed them the Nike World Headquarters. Brooke and Brigid had been before but Macala wanted to see it too! When we were done walking around the campus we headed for the MAX train to get a simple ride into downtown. We shopped for awhile and then had dinner at Sauce Box. It was AMAZING! I would recommend going to eat there for happy hour because they have great food for a great price. I also recommend getting the brussels sprouts! I take that back…you have to get them!

The next day we headed to the beach. I decided to take them to Cannon Beach because it would not have as many people as Seaside and has a cute little town. This was Brigid’s first time seeing the ocean! We first walked around the town and then got all the gear for the beach. Ry dog came along and had a blast! We packed a lunch and sat on the beach for a few hours. When we started to get hungry for dinner we made our way back to the little town and ate at Driftwood. We planned to do a bonfire on the beach after dinner but some did not want to stay so we went back to my house and sat by the fire on the deck.


Time was flying by and we were already at Friday. We went down to the Woodburn Outlet Mall to do a quick shopping trip before heading to the Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm. Unfortunately, we were too late for the season and there were no tulips to be found. Brigid is a photographer (Brigid Bradshaw Photography) so she was looking forward to taking photos of the tulips. There was a cute little garden of other flowers so we took some photos in there and then headed back to Portland. That night we went to Top Golf. It is the new fun thing to do in Portland so it was a must! My parents, brother and his wife came also. This was so much fun. We were not very good, some worse than others, but we still had a great time.

garden-2.jpg top-golf.jpg

The last day we had in Portland was another full day! We started by going to the Saturday Market on the waterfront downtown. We were on a time crunch though because we had a late start to the day. After the Saturday market we drove out to a couple wineries south of Portland with my parents. They recently joined a wine club and were excited to bring us there. This was a more relaxing day and a great way to end the trip.

winery-2.jpg winery.jpg

Sunday morning we met up with Hannah and Sandy for breakfast before making our long trek back to Montana. We attempted to stop and hike in the Gorge as we left but with my distraction and trails closed we did not get much of a hike in. We did stop and see Multnomah Falls though!

multnomah falls.jpg river.jpg

Overall it was really fun to have my friends come home with me for a little and see what my life is like at home! I would love to go back and visit with them again because there is still so much to see and do.


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