Proud Girlfriend Moment

He probably loves that I am writing about this but this past weekend Justin graduated from ROTC Advanced Camp. He was in Fort Knox, Kentucky for about 30 days. Of those 30 days they spent close to three weeks out in the field. After living off MRE’s, sleeping with the critters, going through obstacle courses and carrying around heavy equipment for miles he made it out with only a few dozen bug bites and “battle wounds.”

Having come from a non military family it has been really interesting learning the details and life behind military families. I still do not understand a lot of the terms but I would say I have come a long way since he joined in National Guard a couple years ago. I have learned how much people sacrifice for this country and it is truly amazing. While it is very nerdy and I often laugh at most things they have to do, I have to step back and think about how much he has gone through already and how I (without a doubt) would NOT be able to do it. I can’t even do more than 10 push ups…maybe 5 push ups without collapsing to the ground in pain. I run for a reason!

I was lucky enough to go to this graduation as well as his Basic Training graduation last summer at Fort Jackson, South Carolina. I wonder what other cool places I will get to go to! I will not go on and on because I know Justin is already laughing at me for writing about this but I just want you to know that I am proud of you for taking all of this on with a mostly positive attitude. I know it is not easy and I am here to support you all the way! I love you 🙂

jj camp.jpg  jj-camp-group.jpg


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